5 Benefits Of Being A Social Escort In Singapore

There are lots of benefits to being a social escort in Singapore, but as Singapore is a conservative society, it is very rare to hear these benefits being touted publicly. However, here are 5 big benefits that most girls aged between 19 to 28 will find very attractive.

First of all, being a social escort is very high paying. And I mean it – high paying. There is no other job in 99.9% of the graduate jobs that can pay you $200 or much more per HOUR! We’re Singapore’s largest and most established social escort agency, and thus many Singaporean ladies join our escort agency on a regular basis because they want to pay off their university loans with ease, and/or they want to live a luxurious lifestyle without needing to wait until they are old. We can provide you with a steady flow of clients. Of course, with any such high paying jobs, you may be thinking, is there a catch to it? Yes. You have to be attractive, fit and sociable. Not all escorts make the cut, and even if accepted, only a small percentage make all the money.

Second of all, there is no other job which is as flexible in terms of timing. I understand that you may be very busy with your schoolwork, or perhaps you have a grueling shift work schedule, making it nearly impossible for you to work any other part time job in Singapore to supplement your income. Being a social escort model is one of the best in terms of flexibility (most clients order in the evenings).

Third of all, clients tend to be between ages 30 to 50, and are all sophisticated, smart adults. If you would like to date and know how it really feels like to go out with a mature man, then being an escort is a great way to do so. Chances are, if you are between ages 18 to 25 and used to dating guys your age, you will find some rather immature and with no sense of direction in life. Our clients are all well accomplished business leaders of their industries, and are sure about what they like. If you like to date such men, then being an escort model in Singapore is a fast way to do it.

Next of all, it is fully discreet if you work with a trustworthy agency. Singaporeans are very conservative, and chances are, you are conservative in terms of your privacy at least. A trustworthy agency will protect your privacy and real details under all circumstances.

Last but not least, any legally registered agency in Singapore with the government like ours, SG VIP Escorts, will never under all circumstances ask our models to provide sex or sexual services. Such arrangements is completely out of the purview of the agency. Soliciting or arranging/selling such services by any agency is illegal in Singapore, and we adhere by all legal frameworks of the Women’s Charter Law of Singapore. So yes, we act simply more as an intermediary between you and the clients, by vetting their identity before matching you up while you just go and make the money. We’re basically like a form of Tinder – just that you get paid highly to meet the guys/clients.

If you’re open minded and are willing to go on (very highly) paid dates with strangers (but it’s definitely safe in secure Singapore), then make sure to sign up and apply for a job with us here. I look forward to working with you!

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