Why Wealthy Men Are Choosing Escorts Over Tinder Dates

There is a stable but sure trend of men choosing to opt for local Singapore escorts instead of trying to get girls on Tinder – and this is especially the case for wealthy men. Therefore, there are website which specialize in this – like us!

Why is this the case? Most men are jaded about Tinder dating – and yes I know this doesn’t mean that escorts are a close alternative, but read on to see what I mean.

If you are a guy and tried Tinder in SG, you will quickly realize that getting matched up is not actually that hard if you swipe right on everyone. The real problem with using Tinder, is to actually get the girl out to meet you. Most girls never reply you, and among those who reply you, most of them will simply chat with you online but never agree to a real meeting. They simply flake out. Find this situation familiar? No worries, it’s happened to many of us.

This situation is particularly annoying to career focused men, as their time is already very constrained or they may have worked so hard when they were young and are looking to enjoy now but can’t even date easily. It takes so long just to get a proper match on Tinder, and then getting them out is a big problem.

However, almost every girl wants to be wooed, and play the long dating game to see if a man is suitable. So if a man doesn’t do that, it will be hard to even get any girlfriend (or even a short term relationship) no matter how successful a man is. But sometimes a man can get very lonely. How then do we solve this problem?

Here comes the solution – romantic girlfriend experience from escorts.

Basically, service providers from agencies like ours which specialize in GFE are girls who are very good at making clients feel as though she was really their girlfriend. Yes, it’s all acting, but it’s paying for a fantasy come true. And let’s not kid ourselves – which man doesn’t want a beautiful model fawning all over them?

It is really the best way to experience the girlfriend experience from a pretty Singaporean girl, without hassles. Best part of all? It’s no strings attached – you won’t need to deal with all the nonsense that a regular relationship may cause you! (After all, the alternative is to use Tinder – but wait, the mere thought of it wasting my time turns me off!)

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