5 Reasons Why Men Just Love Our Local Female Escorts

Upon arrival in Singapore, most men cannot deny that the local girls are very attractive. Here are 5 big reasons why many men love our SG escort girls.

First of all, most escorts around the world are pretty well known to look pretty but not have any brains or substance to go along with them. However, when it comes to our models, you get the whole package – brains and beauty. This is because most girls here are highly educated, and even the ‘poorly’ educated ones are still significantly better than their counterparts around the world. This makes them very attractive as companions to wealthy businessmen, as they are finally able to find a gorgeous temporary female counterpart to chat and actually be entertained intellectually rather than just be a pretty companion with nothing else.

Secondly, the women here are largely slim. Most men like a woman who is slimmer and shorter than them. Although this may sound politically incorrect – it is the truth. Therefore, many men including both locals and foreigners absolutely love Singaporeans because they are so slim and petite in size, compared to many other women around the world. On top of that, local escorts are the crème de la crème among the already beautiful locals due to the rigorous shortlisting process for models by agencies here.

Third of all, local ladies are ‘hard to get’. In my opinion, this only serves to drive up demand for them. Many men like women who are ‘harder to get’, and since there’s the impression and truth that our women are generally more closed off to normal ways of dating and are more ‘standoffish’, it just makes finding an immediate and guaranteed date with a true, blue local that much better.

Fourth of all, the ladies have the perfect mix of elegance, class and femininity. Thankfully, the local female population is not affected by the feminism behavior taking over parts of Europe and the United States. Ladies here are actually feminine, and many believe that men should do the masculine roles e.g. protector while women will take the feminine role e.g. caretaker. Yet, they are also highly independent and smart at the same time on top of being feminine. This makes for the perfect concoction of elegance, independence and femininity that is so rarely found in other parts of the world.

Last but not least, Singapore is a heavily multi cultural city/country. This means that the women here are exposed to various cultures, races and religions around the world, and are not a bunch of closed off people. This means that regardless which part of the world you hail from, the women from SG are able to interact with you and click with you easily. Conversations are not a problem, and even if you bring her to meet colleagues, they will be able to connect with everyone, and make you look that much more impressive easily. This is why many men overpay when they meet our models. This is because they will be able to close much larger business deals as a result of engaging the girl rather than not.

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