Here’s Why You See More Local Girls Becoming Escorts

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Due to widespread usage of Instagram and lifestyles of sugar babies and escorts around the world being flaunted openly, more and more women living in urban cities, including SG, are wanting to become one too to experience this lifestyle while dating older and wealthier men.

First of all, there are lots of benefits to being one as per our earlier post. However, there are many reasons than that. The gig economy is getting more popular, and many people have extra gigs or part time jobs outside of their day job. This is the case for many women as well, and there are few jobs in the city which can pay anywhere as well  this job. Of course, the main caveat being that the woman must be attractive and be able to entertain older, male clientele. However, if a woman qualifies, it will ensure they will be able to cope with the rapidly rising costs of living in the city easier.

Second of all, Singapore women are becoming more liberal. In the past, the entire Asia used to be very cocooned up culturally. However, with the proliferation of the Internet for many years, many local women are more open to the idea of jobs that only Westerners may have taken in the past. Many educated local women are becoming less cocooned up, and are perfectly okay with the idea of being one.

Third of all, due to the ease of doing business here, it has attracted a lot of rich foreigners as well as cause locals to do business and become very wealthy within short periods of time. With an influx of rich male tourists and locals who became wealthy, the demand for these girls has increased, and similarly, the supply increased too. Additionally, which woman doesn’t like a successful and older guy?

As you can tell, it is due to a myriad of factors which is causing many local women to consider being an escort. If selected, we will get you clients and you can date older, successful men while getting paid very well while at it! It’s a win-win situation for both you and the clients.