Why Do Some Local Guys Find Escorts? Mystery Unveiled

Society likes to make it seem as though men who date Singapore escort ladies are weird. In fact, these men are not weird. There are a plethora of legitimate reasons why men look for them.

1) Relationship Problems

First of all, some men may have relationship problems. They may be stuck in a bad relationship and have no way of getting out of it. Perhaps they are still married, but are living separately and are only still married legally because of their children. However, the man may not be able to find anyone he is comfortable with sharing his woes, and talking to his estranged wife is no longer possible. If the wife is not willing to actually resolve their relationship problems, then the man cannot go to a marriage counselor as well. Therefore, these men turn to women with the romantic girlfriend experience as they are essentially no strings attached, are professionals at comforting men and will also act as a confidante. It is treated like a platonic counselling session.

2) Never Had A Girlfriend

Second of all, there are certainly men who find it nearly impossible to get any girl they like to like them back. Some men may either be lacking on the physical attributes e.g. be shorter than average or less than Kpop handsome style, or they may be lacking on skills to talk to women effectively. As a result, there are many guys who never had one official girlfriend before. This can easily lead to a severe lack of confidence if it is the case for too long periods of time e.g. if the man is 30 or older and still never had a girlfriend before. Therefore, to feel more confident and not be lonely, they find these companions. Sometimes, this confidence boost can help them find one in the near future too!

3) Work Schedule Too Busy To Date

Third of all, there are some SG men with extremely tight and packed work schedules. This includes successful men in careers such as investment banking, surgery, and business among many others. These are highly successful men who simply do not have the time to date normally. Going to the club or bar to pick up girls is a pipe dream for them due to their focus on their careers and incredibly busy schedule instead. Even if they managed to get a girl, most of them would break up with them because women who really understand a high powered business executive’s business schedule is few and far between. Most girls would complain that the guy spends all his time at work and should ‘marry his work’ instead, and that he does not spend enough time and effort on their relationship and going on multiple dates. This is in fact a very common reason why many wealthy men do not have girlfriends – not because they are incapable of getting one, but simply do not have the time and effort to make any long term relationship a success. Getting a paid companion from time to time is a good alternative for the single and busy successful man who is not yet ready to get married.

4) Need A Trophy Girlfriend

Fourth of all, there are times where a person may need to attend an event, and while they do not require a partner, everyone else is bringing along their girlfriend. So instead of looking odd and appearing like a loner, they decide to show up with an absolutely stunning woman to the event. Unfortunately, you cannot just meet and ask a girl to accompany you to an event, as this is Singapore and no random stranger will go out with you to a formal event just because you asked them too. However, with our services, this is possible. This is one of the main reasons some men look for them – to bring along a beautiful female companion to an event or conference and looking like a million (or perhaps even billion) bucks! Trust me, your fellow male friends will be envious of you and your trophy girl. Additionally, the right female model will also be able to behave as though she were really your girl.

5) Want Companionship While Staying Single

Finally, there are some men who are simply not yet ready to get married any time soon, or have no intentions to get married ever. Instead of stringing a girl along and giving her false hope, these men prefer to stay single and simply engage escorts whenever they want a romantic date with a beautiful female model (it is also a ‘guaranteed’ date in that the girl won’t reject you, unlike e.g. using dating mobile applications – because we all know how beautiful girls on dating applications love to swipe left). Also, because both parties know from the get go that marriage will never be on the cards, there is no feeling of social pressure or guilt on the men’s side, as he will never need to lie to the girl.

The above are all very valid reasons why men find such services.

It is a luxury service, and not all men can afford it. However, for the men that can afford it and want it, the right girls will probably make your day. If you are a successful man and want to find a model for yourself, contact us today to get our best recommendations and book an model now!