3 Ways Sugar Babies Are Completely Overrated

Sugar dating sounds good in theory, but is terrible in practice for the men who hate commitment or spending endless amounts of money. If you are one of those guys who are not yet wanting to get married but still want to enjoy the romantic companionship of a beautiful woman in Singapore, you need to see this. Here is why.

First of all, the whole point of not wanting to date ‘normally’ is to get away from commitment. The reason some people do not want to date regularly (unless they are serious about wanting to get married and have kids already) is because they do not want commitment. Dating a ‘normal’ girlfriend has lots of time commitment and indirect spending on her per month. Dating a sugar baby who almost always demands a monthly HIGH allowance is a monthly commitment. However, when it comes to escorts, there is truly no commitment. You only meet a beautiful girl and go out on a date and have a romantic companion with the romantic girlfriend experience whenever you want. After the date, all commitments are thrown out the window.

Second of all, to get a sugar baby, you will still need to have a slightly interesting personality at least. If you are not good at talking to women, you will not be able to get any of the women on the sugar dating websites to even reply to you. Although you do not need to look handsome to get a sugar baby, you do need some charming skills or sweet talking skills at least. However, if you have none of that, only escorts will respond to you favorably, whether or not you are boring or interesting. In fact, a good GFE model will always be able to make you feel as though you are the funniest, most interesting and handsome person in the world – even if your personality is more bland than a cardboard and even if you are below average in looks. That is why many men flock to escorts – because they are so much more fun!

Third of all, many sugar babies on sugar dating websites are not active. Yes, there are lots of profiles, but nearly none of them will reply you. This is because many of these profiles in Singapore are just there out of curiosity initially, and then never log back into the website again… other than to delete their profile. If you have tried it, you will know what I mean. Therefore, if you used such a website, you will not be able to get responses from many profiles. Of course, the same goes for escort agencies, if you do not know how to look for the right one, as some of them are already defunct. However, if you contact us *hint hint*, and engage a model from a legally registered ACRA agency like ours (our agency has even been featured on Yahoo! front page news – just Google for ‘Yahoo! SG VIP Escorts’) which is still active and operating, you will definitely be able to get a fast response and we will always respond to your contact.