Are Escorts A Cheaper Alternative To Sugar Babies?

If you want the short answer, the answer is escorts are cheaper if you engage from a Singapore escort agency like ours, and sugar babies can be far more expensive.

Let us take a deeper look. Sugar babies and escorts are like your pretend girlfriend as long as you continue to pay them, however, there are no strings attached to the relationship. You decide how long you want to engage the girl for, and once the timing is up, both of you lead your own lives as though you never knew each other.

However, there are obviously differences, and the biggest difference is that sugar babies are longer term relationships, and require a monthly allowance to the girl. Depending on the girl, it can be very hefty. In fact, there are girls who demand $3000 to $5000 just to meet her a few times a month. When it comes to escorts, it ranges between $600 to $1500 per hour (generally speaking in Singapore). If you were to compare them with sugar babies, it may appear as though per hour they are more expensive. However, remember that you have no contractual agreement to continue paying the girl for subsequent months. You can pay to meet her OR a completely different model whenever you want when it comes to them. However, if you are not willing to offer a monthly allowance to sugar babies, most of them won’t even reply your message, as the girls who are willing to accept once off payments are far and few between. Additionally, you still have to capture their attention just like any other dating application. A once in a while splurge of $600 to $1500 on different escorts every few weeks is not expensive compared to you paying a fixed and high allowance of perhaps even more than $5000 on ONE sugar baby.

Essentially, both provide romantic companionship to you, but sugar dating can cost you a lot more per month relatively. See dating a sugar baby as leasing a car (which can be very expensive, even more expensive than buying a car e.g. marrying a girl) and see dating female escorts as renting a car once in a while (which is far cheaper in the long run). Additionally, you can date multiple different ones over the course of weeks or months, while keeping the costs low still (e.g. imagine driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari for the day for the price of cheaper than buying a Toyota!).

Therefore, yes, the final verdict is that the former is a cheaper alternative to sugar babies! On the other hand, if we are talking about comparison with rental friends, then escorts cost more than rental friends.

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