5 Fun Night Activities In Singapore Without Alcohol

Here are five of the best and most fun night activities that you can do in Singapore. If you are actively searching for night activities in Singapore that does not involve the cliche drinking and alcohol, then read on!

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Cosmic bowling on Friday nights

Did you know that there are bowling alleys in Singapore which offer night club style alleys? This happens on certain nights at certain bowling alleys across Singapore! In summary, they are basically bowling alleys with the lights switched to disco and nightclub style with music to match! While hardcore bowling fans may not like this as it is much more difficult to see, it is great fun for everyone else who loves the clubbing vibes while having fun at the same time.

For instance, you can check out the following poster by Orchid Bowl for the cosmic bowling timings and rates!

Do note that only the branches at SAFRA Yishun and Our Tampines Hub offers this as of now.

cosmic bowling details
Image credits to Orchid Bowl

Go for a 24 hour spa

The beauty about Singapore is that many things are open till late night, or sometimes 24 hours! This is the case with some of the renowned spas in Singapore.

If you want to pamper yourself at a legitimate 24 hour spa, then head on over to G Spa, a 24 hour luxury mixed spa located at 102 Guillemard Road Singapore 399719. Due to the size of the spa, you get lots of choices for the rooms, the massages as well as other facilities. It is more of an entire resort.

Go for a joyride

For those of you with fancy sports cars, going for a joy ride at night can be really fun! While there are strict speed limits in Singapore, there are no rules on hard acceleration!

Singapore has lots of roads which are much more secluded and with almost no cars when it comes to night time. As long as you do not flout any traffic nor speeding rules, accelerate away! After all, it is maximum acceleration that is really exhilarating, not speeding. It is not that exciting sitting in an plane though you are doing 900 kmh on a plane.

However, with that said, please stay safe. A joyride can simply be a leisurely drive around Singapore as well!

Go kart

If you really want to speed, then go for go-karting! KF1 Karting Circuit located at 1 Turf Club Avenue Singapore 738078 is open till 9pm at night. While this does not exactly equate to a night activity, it still falls into evening/night activity which is fun!