Why There Is A Premium For Escorts Over Rent A Friend

Here are some reasons why if you want to date Singapore escorts, they cost much more than that of rent a friend services.

First of all, an escort is basically a paid girlfriend. This means that the person you engage will pretend to behave as though they were already your GF! However, if you were to engage a rent a friend services, it is akin to renting a platonic friend. As you can already tell from that, there are some quite obvious differences.

Second of all, most guys may have experienced something which is known as the friend-zone before. If you are also familiar with this, it is what you will experience if you engage a rent a friend. Here is what we recommend – if you want a romantic experience, then look for an escort, that is ideal. If you want a buddy to hang out with, then the latter may be more suitable for you.

Third of all, escorts are almost exclusively educated, eloquent and classy on top of being pretty. However, depending on the company, there is usually a wider range when it comes to rent a friend services. Some may be of high quality, while some may not be the same.

Next of all, the former is often times seen as a status symbol, used by many wealthy men all over the world. Some rich men want to show off as though they have gorgeous girls by their side. And since escorts are willing to pretend to be your GF which is their job, you can do so. However, more often than not, the latter type of services does not allow for this.

Finally, there are often no rules when it comes to the former – as long as you are keeping within SG’s laws. However, there are lots of ground rules when it comes to rent a friend, which often forbids even a friendly hug or pat on the shoulder!

So, the above are the reasons why there is a premium for our type of services.