What Are The Differences Between Sugar Babies And Escorts?

While sugar babies and escorts have similarities, here are some of the key differences between both of them.

Sugar babies are usually pay per month while escorts are pay per meet

First of all, most sugar baby arrangements are on a monthly allowance basis. This means that as a sugar daddy, you will pay your sugar baby a fixed prior negotiated amount of money on a monthly recurring basis. This is called the allowance. On the other hand, when it comes to a call girl, you will be paying on a per gig basis. This is also known as pay per meet. This means each time you meet her, you pay her, with zero future financial obligations, unless you like her and would like to meet again, which many do if the lady is great! Therefore, unless you intend to meet the woman very frequently like five times weekly, the latter is usually a cheaper option for you.

Sugar babies require more liaising to come to an arrangement

Second of all, sugar babies are quite similar to freelancers. You will need to come to arrangements individually with each lady and enter into separate contracts. To find these women, you will need to use Internet platforms like Seeking or something similar to search for these individual ladies. On the other hand, when it comes to the latter, there are agency ones such as those under us as well as freelancers. You can choose from either – though if you want a real Singapore woman, then agencies are your choice. Women from places such as Locanto are usually foreigners masquerading to be a local.

You can find sugar babies offline, but it is only possible to find escorts online

Third of all, while you can potentially meet a sugar baby offline, such as coming to a private arrangement with a woman you know, escorts are virtually exclusively found online only. With the former, such arrangements used to exist long before Internet came into the picture. These rich men simply looked for pretty women and negotiated such arrangements by themselves. These offline behavior also exists nowadays for the former. However, for the latter, it used to be arranged through telephone calls, and nowadays over the Internet only. You cannot walk down the street to look for them.