No Strings Attached Relationship In Singapore – Your Options

If you are looking for a no strings attached or NSA relationship, here are some of your options. We also discuss the benefits and disadvantages for each.

Look for an escort

You could look for our Singapore escort service, which basically provides a paid female companion to you. If you want a local, then going through an agency is your best option. Our recommendation is that if you want the easiest way to get a NSA relationship, then an escort is your best option that is why we put it at the top of this list.

Make use of sugar dating websites

You could go onto sugar dating websites and chat up some ladies. While some want a regular relationship on such websites too, most women on these websites are usually preferring NSA relationships. If you want such an arrangement, going on these websites if you have lots of free time may be a good suggestion. This is because you will need to sift through lots of inactive accounts and people who simply do not reply you. Additionally, you will need to chat them up and get them to agree to a meet up.

Using sugar dating websites is still a reasonable option if you have the time to do all these liaising before hand.

Use regular dating websites or apps but indicate your preferences

You can also look for NSA relationships by going onto normal dating websites but by indicating what you want to look for. There are regular dating websites with options you can select. You can indicate you are only seeking NSA dating. You will then be able to view women in Singapore who also indicated that they are looking for that. You will then not need to sift through thousands of others who are not interested in such an arrangement.

While this is still an option, it is not the most viable nor effective option. This is because you will realize most women who indicate this option on regular sites are in their late 30s or 40s. If you prefer beautiful women in their 20s and at most young 30s, this would not be suitable for you.