Backpage Singapore – What Are Good Alternatives?

Backpage Singapore has been seized and shut down. Where can you find alternatives for call girls? Here is a deeper look into Backpage and where to look instead.


Disclaimer about websites such as Backpage Singapore

First of all, we believe such classified ad sites should be avoided at all times. In fact, even for similar sites to Backpage SG which still exist today, such as TTVIP, there are lots of illegal activity as well as sometimes trafficked sex workers. In fact, that is why the United States signed a new law effecting such sites back in April 2018. Thereafter, Backpage Singapore was shut down by the US government and the management at Backpage were arrested.

There are also lots of such local raids by the police in capturing operators of similar websites. If you are with one of the women from a website like Backpage Singapore during a police sting, you will probably be investigated too. That can be quite embarrassing. Thus, it is ideal to avoid webpages like Backpage entirely to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Make sure to also completely avoid such sites like Sglonelyguy too.

Was using Backpage ever a good idea?

Actually if you are looking for an escort, Backpage was probably never a great idea! While some may argue that there were good ones on Backpage Singapore, the truth is, majority of the listed women on Backpage are not. In addition to that, they were also just prostitutes using the website. Thus, the website was seized.

What are good alternatives to Backpage?

In our opinion if you want such a lady locally, she needs to not only be pretty but also educated and classy. That is why you pay big bucks for her companionship. However, classified ad sites are very often just filled with lowly educated (here is another article discussing a similar website called Impmm), totally not classy and usually also non English-speaking ladies, which is bad if you do prefer conversing in English.

In Singapore, going with an officially registered and multiple media featured company like ours is a good choice. This means with our female escort services in Singapore, you will get a lady who is classy and pretty. In addition, your entire experience will be conducted in a secure and private manner.