How To Ensure You Are Able To Meet The Escort Whom You Want?

Some clients tend to be very last minute when it comes to placing a booking with us, and sometimes, if you are lucky, you will get to still meet the lady you had chosen. However, sometimes, she is unavailable, and we will provide the best recommendations otherwise. Here are some tips to make sure that you can meet whomever you want if you are very particular about whom you want to meet.

Consider making a reservation in advance

First of all, consider making a prior deposit and book in advance. We are able to process an advance booking for clients if you were to place a prior deposit via either a bank transfer if you hold a local bank account, or you could also opt for a credit card and Paypal payment.

We strongly recommend checking 2 to 3 days in advance, as that way, the escort’s availability is more confirmed, and yours too, and you can then confirm the advance meeting.

Free up your schedule and provide us with an available time range so it is more likely you can meet the lady you want

Second of all, if you are just in Singapore for a few days for a business meeting, then you should prepare for a range of time within which you are able to meet. The reason for this is because almost all of our models are either full time students or working adults with office jobs. This means that if you are only wanting to meet one particular woman, then you may need to be more flexible on your timing allowance for her to arrive.

While Singapore is a small country, the streets are relatively congested, and the ladies put in lots of effort to dress up and make up to look pretty for clients. So please be reasonable when it comes to expecting the timing. If you are not particular, you can expect a lady to arrive within 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you are, then it depends largely on luck.

Here are the type of locations you can meet her at so that timing and expectations are right also!