Things All Clients Should Know Before Making An Appointment

Whether this is your first time making an appointment, or you are familiar with escort services but visiting here for the first time, here are some things all clients should know before making a booking with us. Before you book, please make sure to take a few minutes to read the following article first!

We only have locals

Although this is an extremely rare request, there are no foreign women with us. We are a registered agency and are well known to specialize only in local women! There are two main reasons why we do this. First is because we believe they are just more educated, pretty and classy at the same time when compared to escorts of other countries. Another reason is because foreign women are not allowed to work here as one!drinking

Alcohol levels are subjective, while most escorts can drink, please do not force them

While our escorts are of legal drinking age, and most of them are able to drink different types of alcohol, we hope you understand that due to differing ideas of drinking tolerance levels, we leave it entirely up to our ladies as to how much they can drink, if at all. We do not arrange for drinking. We hope you understand this point. However, rest assured our ladies will work hard to entertain you.

There are only part-timers

There are virtually no full timers who are genuine Singaporean women here. All of them are either full time students or office professionals.

If you wish to meet an escort who is an office lady, you will only be able to meet them in the early evening onward. This usually means around 6pm onward.

If you wish to meet one who is currently studying, you can meet them approximately in the middle afternoon 2pm to 3pm onward on a weekday. When it comes to the weekends though, schedule changes, and it can be quite random.

Every listed profile is aged 18 or older

Singapore’s regulations stipulates that everyone who works with us is at least aged 18 and above. We verify this strictly against their provided government issued identity cards. While most people are already aware of this, we would like to put it out there, as there has been odd requests once a year or so of people requesting to meet people younger than that. We will immediately reject such requests without consideration as we do not work with underaged women.flag

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