How Much Can You Potentially Make As An Escort?

If you are interested to know roughly how much you can potentially make when you take on such a job, read on!

First of all, as a potential applicant candidate, you need to understand that when it comes to the gig economy, how much you can make can drastically vary, depending on a few key factors. Therefore, in this article, we will seek to give you a rough idea and gauge of what you can expect, depending on a few key determining factors. Additionally, we will like to provide you with what is realistic, as we feel many unethical companies in Singapore and lying agents provide you numbers that can never ever be hit or they get busted for illegal activities shortly thereafter and poof goes your income

Second of all, most of the applicants and those who eventually join are either full time students, or hold a day office job. This means that the students are generally speaking available in middle afternoon onward, for example 2pm onward for weekdays, and random schedule on weekends as some students have project work on the weekends. For the working adults and white collared professionals, they can start their escort work around 6pm onward for weekdays, and technically the whole day on weekends. For the purpose of this, let us assume that they can work up till 2am. Therefore, for the following paragraphs, you can increase the number of clients you can expect to meet and the amount of money you can expect to make if your availability is higher.

Thirdly, some people have lots of preferences. However, all of our shortlisted ones are relatively non picky about location, time and clients. If you are very picky, for instance, if you will only see certain demographics of clients, then you will also need to slash your potential income by at least 40 to 60% depending on the other factors too. Additionally, work hours can be truly unusual and random in this industry.

Fourth of all, the quicker you can travel to the meeting point or the client’s location, the more appointments you will be able to go on. As virtually every appointment is on a relatively last minute basis of within 1 to 2 hours, the faster you move, the more money you will make.

Next of all, wondering what rates you can charge? We will provide you recommendations from our experience as to what is ideal for you, if you are shortlisted. However, you can check out our rough ranges in our price list in the photo gallery page already.

Finally, while we cannot speak with certainty for you, as you have not yet applied and gotten shortlisted, those who do, can expect to meet anywhere between 0 to 7/8 clients a week. There is a big variance in these numbers because of the various factors as mentioned above.

Now a random tip, always make sure only to join a registered entity and company like us!