Why Do Local Escorts Cost More Than Their Foreign Counterparts?

Generally speaking, a local escort girl in Singapore will cost more, and here are the reasons why that is the case!

They are more eloquent, educated and better able to engage in a great conversation with you

The women who work with us are eloquent and educated, which can seem like a mutually exclusive thing with escorts, but that is definitely not the case with us. When foreigner clients approach us, they are usually pleasantly surprised with the level of eloquence and intelligence that the models have, compared to those perhaps from their home countries. That is actually partly due to the fact that Singapore is actually a predominantly English speaking one, and is perhaps the only one in South East Asia.

Every native lady grew up with education in English, and many of them also study till they get a Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree. This means that even if you wish to discuss about basic business conversation topics with the models, they can engage in an interesting conversation with you

two women conversing

They have a more relatable vibe

Second of all, the real locals have a very real and relatable vibe.

Have you ever engaged a companion from a different country, and felt like they are in it only for the money, or that you cannot relate to them at all? That is not the case with the natives here. The reason for that is because virtually all of them who work as paid companions are actually real students or office ladies. They do not do escort work on a full time basis. Therefore, they have a more natural and relatable vibe, which makes them seem and feel that much more attractive!

They dress very classy and elegant, and do not look slutty or trashy

Third of all, most of the models dress classy. Many of them in Singapore have this perfect combination of dressing elegantly without being conservative, and yet still look sexy without appearing slutty. That is definitely a very hot look, which many foreign women who attempt to work here are unable to pull off, or simply refuse to do.

Ever dreamed of meeting the classy office lady whom everyone wants to date but do not dare to approach? You get your opportunity here with us.

Of course, there are different types of women with us – there are some who have a more student and girl next door look. If you prefer a more girl next door or student vibes, we have that too. Therefore, depending on what type you prefer, as most clients have slightly different preferences, you can pick the right one!

Regardless, as long as you are into the classy vibes for your lady, and you do not like the trashy vibes, then our country is perfect for you!

They are just super rare to find

Finally, in a conservative country like ours, it is significantly harder to even find a single real, Singaporean woman in our industry. As a result of that, it is just like why natural diamonds cost a lot – because they are so hard to mine! Or in our case, it is difficult to look for these ladies.

That is another reason why you see lots of foreign women looking illegally here, but there is a significantly lower count for genuine locals. While these women exist, they are not easy to find, and we seek to hire and bring on board these as our models so that our clients can have an easy pick simply through one company instead of being forced to sieve through thousands of either outdated listings, numbers or even fake images by unethical others.