How Can You Meet Our Models Discreetly In Singapore?

Privacy is a big concern for many of our customers when it comes to making a booking with our SG escort agency. Here are some tips for the first time client on how you can keep your appointment discreet if you wish to.

We will advise you on the escort’s exact ETA so you will not need to wait endlessly in public

Firstly, let us have the exact meeting point within Singapore, date and time, so that we can advise exactly what time the lady is expected to arrive. That way, we will be able to confirm with you the exact time of arrival, and in this way, none of you have to stand around awkwardly waiting for the other person to arrive. This way, privacy is maximized.

Inform us about your outfit if meeting in public so you can find each other easily and not look awkward

Second of all, if the meeting point is at a public location, then kindly provide us with some basic description of your outfit appearance and more, so that our girl can look for and identify you easily. Imagine the awkwardness for both you and the woman if she has to keep asking the wrong people who may happen to be your colleague or business partners if you are a foreigner on a business trip to Singapore about whether they are you.

Preferably, provide us with your outfit colour, your age as well as your ethnicity in the event that your ethnicity is not easily deduced from your name, so that she can easily identify you, and prevent awkwardness on both ends. This way, she can immediately spot you, and you can meet her as soon as possible and discreetly as well.

Her details will already be on her personal profile page, and we will message you with her outfit so you can identify her easily too!

You can request for the escort to wear something similar in vibes to you so no one looks out of place

Third of all, we recommend that if you are dressed either very formally, or very casually, to let us know that you may prefer the escort to wear something which is similar in style and vibes to you. This way, you will not be either over dressed or under dressed in comparison to her and vice versa.

The easiest way to be discreet is to actually blend in, and not stand out by you and the lady wearing something completely different in style and dress sense from each other. Such mismatch would not be good.

To keep your appointment discreet, you can request for such outfit requests if the model is able to either change into it on time or simply put the preferred style on if she is going from home.discreet and confidential

If you choose to meet at a private location in Singapore, then these above details may not necessarily be as high of a priority, and the above does not apply to such a big extent.

If needed, the lady will pretend to be your friend in front of anyone else

Next of all, if you are for example a foreigner in Singapore, and would like to meet at your hotel residence, which is alright as long as it is subject to our standard terms and conditions, customers are provided with two options if a card key is required to access your residence’s lift lobbies. Whichever is seen as more discreet for you can be chosen by you. The escort can either meet you at the hotel lobby or she could contact the concierge and ask for permission to access your unit by posing as your friend.

Finally, if you would like to know more before making an appointment, here are some things all clients should know, so make sure to check it out to assuage any other concerns you may have!