Why Middle Aged Men Like To Use Our Services In Singapore

Our call girl service is particularly popular among middle aged male business executives and businessmen. Here are some of the reasons why that is the case!

Some are divorced and do not want to find a long term relationship

First of all, some of these middle aged clients are actually divorced or just out of a previously bad relationship. Chances are, some of these men may even have kids. Therefore, wanting to get into a long term relationship again is not on the near horizon, if at all!

Thus, they turn to more fleeting types of companionship such as the escorts that we provide. This way, they get to enjoy the girlfriend experience without the strings or long term emotions attached. It is of a low cost to them emotionally and mentally compared to something so extreme as an eventual bad marriage.

Young women tend to not want to match with middle aged men on mobile dating applications

Second of all, many middle aged men try to use mobile dating applications to look for younger women, but simply cannot get matched up at all even if they tried paying for the paid versions of those applications. A big part of the reason why this happens is simply because virtually all of these applications will allow users to actually be able to select the age range for the profiles they are able to view on their version of the application.

Since most younger Singaporean women will only pick men up to around 3 to 8 years older than them, if you are in your forties, and you are trying to meet younger ladies in their twenties, you will be in tough luck. These ladies will not even be able to see your profile appear on their phones, and thus no matter how many you swipe right to, you will not match with anyone at all.

Some men try to change their age, but that is not a very ethical option, and additionally, the women will probably reject you upfront once they realize you are well more than 10 years older than them! However, with our company, all you need to do is to set up a meeting with one of our models and you can meet them nearly immediately. No frills at all.

Large age gaps make women worry if they will be viewed as gold diggers

Next of all, if you are in your late thirties, forties or even fifties, a younger woman in her twenties around your arms can easily make others in Singapore view the lady with disdain. This is because many people in our Asian society still view couples with huge age gaps, whether or not you are in a serious or casual relationship, as taboo. And since face and reputation can be seen as something which is important in an Asian culture in our city, this potential huge age difference can be seen as taboo by many women in any other setting. Therefore, if you are middle aged, even if there are many women who may like you, most will want nothing more than a platonic relationship because they will be worried about others viewing them in a negative light.

Fortunately for middle aged men, this will not be the case for them when it comes to escorts. Thus, these men turn to easy and fast solutions like ours.

Another popular demographic which likes to meet our women are actually business executives. We are also very popular among business executives.