Why There Is High Demand For Our Services In Singapore

There is a high demand for our female escort Singapore service in our sunny city and country, and the following are the reasons why that is the case.

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First of all, our city attracts lots of wealthy and rich business tourists to the city every single month and week of the year. Since female companions do not come cheap in our country, only the top successful businessmen and executives can afford them. And since most of them flock to our country due to its largely favourable corporate tax laws and it being seen as an investment haven to some, there is a high demand for our services in Singapore.

Second of all, these businessmen and top business executives who visit Singapore tend to be middle aged. And there are lots of issues when it comes to picking up girls in the pick up or party scene for middle aged men. Some of the reasons are such as them being seen as ‘too old’ or ‘old enough to be my dad’ by the local girls or automatically assumed to be attached and happily married when they are not. As such, middle aged men make up the bulk of our customers. Also, because time is money for these busy middle aged executives, they simply opt for a no frills service like ours to save them time and still get a companion while they are in the country for a few days. Besides, older men usually prefer a pretty, young and also sophisticated woman who can keep up with him in terms of conversation, not just a pretty bimbo.

Third of all, there are no communication problems for customers in our city. One of the biggest gripes with such similar services in neighbouring countries in South East Asia is that there is a big communication problem. Ask any customer who has tried such services in other Southeast Asian countries before, and they will tell you that it can be a big turn off if the girl cannot even speak English eloquently and fluently – which is more common than not!. However, that is not the case here, as the ladies and in fact, everyone, is educated in English. It also happens to be the national language used here in the city.

So there you have it. The above are the reasons why there is a high demand for escorts in our country!

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