Things Unique To Singapore When It Comes To Appointments

Even if you patronize them often, here are some things which are unique largely to our country when it comes to social escort girls in Singapore.

Real Singaporean women do not show their faces due to privacy reasons

If this is your absolute first time to our city, what you will quickly notice is that real local nationality women do not seem to show their entire faces. It is either blurred out, fully censored or partially censored. This is the norm in our city, so definitely do not be taken aback by this, as many first time customers to our country may feel that way.

You can take assurance in that if you are sent partially cropped images for Singaporean nationality models, that is perfectly normal, and you are receiving real photos.

In fact, one of the litmus test if a lady you are intending to meet is a genuine local or not is whether her photos are partially censored or not. If it is not, proceed with caution and be prepared that she looks absolutely nothing like her pictures, and she probably is lying to you. However, if photos are censored, you can move on and proceed with the booking.

The locals are very privacy conscious and do not want to be contacted outside of the bookings

While some escorts of other nationalities in other cities or even in SG may keep in contact with certain customers, the SG nationality models are definitely not interested in making friends. This is largely due to two reasons – the locals are very particular about privacy, and most people view their work as taboo though legal, so they want to keep it secret. Therefore, make sure to respect the their requests for privacy, especially those under agencies, as they do so because they are particularly picky when it comes to protecting their privacy. If you want to meet the same or different lady again, make sure to respect them.

There are no physical office branches in our industry in Singapore

You will be unable to walk down a particular street and find a row of agencies touting for your business in Singapore. That simply does not exist in our country. In fact, providers – be it agencies or freelancers are only able to be found online through an Internet or Google search. We explain further here as to why you can only find services online. This is usually a welcome to many customers though, as many customers would prefer making their bookings more discreetly, and doing it online is definitely an advantage. In our city, all you need to do to make a booking is to search online for the girls from the comfort of wherever you are, WhatsApp the relevant agency or lady to confirm the appointment and you can then meet the escorts.