Why An Educated Escort Is So Highly Sought After

Many customers in SG like an educated lady, and here are the reasons why educated escorts in Singapore are just so much more attractive than just pretty bimbos to most of our customers!

Intelligent women are rarer

First of all, many people actually have the impression that only bimbos would work as a paid companion, but not pretty and smart SG girls. Therefore, because when it comes to an educated woman, it can feel that much more rare, and thus it is seen as more attractive, because it is viewed as something which is rare. These women simply have more of a ‘hard to get’ vibe which can be seen as more appealing to guys. eloquent

No one will suspect a highly educated lady next to you is actually your escort

Second of all, one of the biggest advantages of having a pretty and eloquent escort next to you is that you need not feel embarrassed about being seen with her in the event that happens. Imagine if you are a high flying business executive from USA, and a colleague of yours happens to bump into you and sees you with a random lady in SG who can barely speak more than two English words.  How embarrassing that will be for you! People will definitely assume that the lady you are with is a paid companion.

On the other hand, if she were both pretty and eloquent at the same time, not a single person will be even batting a single eyelid!

Clients are smart and want someone who can match them intellectually

Third of all, most customers in Singapore are highly accomplished and successful business executives, and this means that they are highly intelligent people. Since most customers do not exactly want women who are from a completely different world from them, and want to at least be able to somewhat relate to each other, as well as communicate beyond a superficial manner, they would at least prefer someone with some level of intellect. They need not to be anywhere near the guy’s level, but clearly customers do not want to feel like they are talking to a piece of wood.

In fact, because most of the local nationality ladies are educated and intelligent in the way described above, that is definitely one of the reasons why locals cost more.