How SG Has Quickly Become The Top City For Escort Services

Our country has quickly become a hot spot and popular city for customers of all nationalities to make booking for call girls as paid companions. Here are the reasons why that is the case!

Singapore has lots of single men who are career focused. This is increasingly the case as the costs of living continue to increase in SG. Additionally, most male singles living locally here are ambitious and want to achieve more due to the local competitive culture in general. As a result of that combination, the local guys are staying single till a later age, and choosing to focus on their careers first. As a result of this, many of them simply opt for escorts when it comes to companionship in the meantime.

Our country has always attracted rich investors, with its stable political climate, privacy rules, and relatively low taxes. This is additionally the case especially with the recent turmoil in Hong Kong, and the unclear future in other such similar cities. Therefore, those rich and wealthy investors who are usually divided between our city and others are now just picking SG instead. Therefore, many foreigners are flooding into the city, some purely for business, while others decided to stay here for the longer term after arriving into the country. And since our type of services are frequented by and attracts the rich, demand for us can only get higher and higher!

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Next of all, since our South East Asian city also attracts lots of corporations due to its relatively low corporate taxes, there are lots of new high paying jobs for expatriates here which is the direct result of foreign corporations setting up their businesses and expansion base locally. This once again means that more high income people, albeit foreigners are living in the country. Since escorts and their services do not come cheap, the more high income people there are here, the more the demand for them!

So there you have it, the above are the reasons why and how Singapore has quickly become a hot spot and has skyrocketing demand for paid female companions!

If this is your first time in our country, then here are some tips to help you order like a pro!