How To Separate Yourself As A Serious Customer For Escorts

Perhaps you are excited about booking one of our escorts! However, there is something known as the ‘blacklist’, which is a list of men to whom agencies will not reply to. Some men in Singapore get on this unfortunate list sometimes due to obvious reasons like prank calls or being downright rude, or sometimes, less known reasons.

Here are some of the reasons that may cause you to not get any kind of positive responses or get onto a dreaded blacklist! Make sure to give the following a very quick read.

Provide your details quickly to our agent so he can assist and prioritize you

There are some weird men who mistake a escort for those who provide video chat or messaging chat service. They like to make small talk. Our contact lines are for booking enquiry purposes only, and it is operated by our agent.

For us to immediately know that you are an actual customer instead of a weirdo, provide your details quickly. When you provide your details quickly to our manager, he will instantly know you are an actual customer and will prioritize you and your booking over tire-kickers.

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Contact us only when you are ready to book

We understand that not every client is ready to book right away. If so, please take your time to browse through our entire website to make your selection. Our country has girls of all different races and ethnic backgrounds, and that includes the women who work with us too. That is why we list our women on our website with full details on it, so you can browse through it on your free time.

Our time is limited, so we only reserve our attention and time for real clients. After you have committed to meeting one of our ladies, then contact us. We will assist you immediately and quickly then.

Stick to the agreed upon location, date and time

Keep to the same decided meeting point in Singapore, date and time once set. While some changes may be expected sometimes due to unexpected circumstances, try to keep it to a minimum. This is because our ladies will not move off until the exact details of the appointment is confirmed, otherwise she may turn up at the wrong location or end up late or too early. If done too often, the lady may not feel comfortable meeting you anymore.

We get lots of enquiries on a daily basis, so we would love to respond to and prioritize you if we know you are a serious customer.