TSRJOX 新加坡 天上人间 – What Happened To Them?

TSRJOX, the abbreviation for 新加坡 天上人间, which directly translates to Singapore Heaven On Earth in English, was what used to be one of the top-most popular website for people who are searching for mainland Chinese prostitutes for sexual services under the pretext of dating in the country.

Unlike legal and registered agencies like ours which provide Singapore escort girls in SG, it was a website which promoted the sexual services of prostitutes, but it is is clearly outlawed over here.


In the past, 新加坡 天上人间 TSRJOX or 狮城 BBS site was updated constantly with data on the ladies who were available for booking, where an overwhelming majority was actually mainland Chinese girls working illegally here under short term visit passes.

What happened to TSRJOX?

Because TSRJOX violated two main laws – solicitation of prostitution over a public medium like the Internet and the foreign women working locally under short term visit passes, it was decided to be banned by the local IMDA authorities. You can navigate over and clearly see the offline status of their site which has since been blocked.

Public solicitation via streetwalkers and the facilitation of prostitution over a public medium such as the Internet is against the laws here.

While it is true that prostitution in itself is legal in our city and country, it does not mean that everything regarding or related to it is as well. In fact, many activities surrounding it are not. For example, pimping, operating a brothel and solicitation over a public medium like phone app or web page or in public are all outlawed. Because TSRJOX was found to be in violation of nearly all of that, TSRJOX was blocked.

What should you do instead?

Therefore, if you are looking for a real escort, you need to stick only to registered providers so that you can enjoy your time with the lady with a peace of mind!

Also make sure to avoid similar replacements sites to TSRJOX such as the Impmm.