How Bookings Are Being Processed In Singapore Now With SHN

We are super thankful for the way that everyone has handled the situation in our country, and as a result, our nation has been steadily opening up for business since June 2020 phase 2. Over time, we too, have resumed our services. However, some people still seem confused about booking our escorts, and so we are here to share some advice on it!

The gist of it is this – if you are a local, you are more than welcome to meet one of our ladies! Simply set up a meeting with us as per normal, and we will be more than happy to provide services to you as per normal.

If you are a foreigner, you are still free to, and allowed to legally meet our escorts, as long as you are able to provide proof to us that you have completed the Stay Home Notice SHN.

We have also made some change. Ever since reopening, any girl who is working with us will only be able to meet clients – such as you, only if they are also not subject to that – for instance if they had just returned to the country.

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Now the above is with respect to us only, and we strongly recommend you stick to it. We are unable to speak for any others, including but not limited to (some closed down) dodgy call girl providers such as SGWOLF, TTVIP or TSRJOX.

Just to share some experiences, we have actually received a lot of requests during this period by foreigner clients, however, we sincerely apologize, but due to local regulations at the current moment, we are only able to accept such bookings if you are able to provide us proof that your SHN has been successfully completed with no incidents. You are usually expected to check in daily, and after the length you will be provided with some kind of acknowledgement. You can simply forward that to us!

Also, there are many expatriates living for the long term in Singapore, and many do not change their mobile numbers to that of a local one. No worries! If you are one of these, simply Whatsapp us your last passport arrival date into the country, and if it is well past 14 or the respective number of days since arrival, we will still be able to process your appointment with one of our girls!

So there you go! As the regulations regarding this matter change over time, the advice may alter slightly over time, and of course, will eventually be removed once everything is 100% solved. We can only provide respective advice to the best of our knowledge as of this period.