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Spoken languagesEng, Mandarin

Why book Veronica:

Veronica is one of those escorts whom you simply cannot get enough of. You will just want to meet Veronica over and over again. If you are into intelligent women, Veronica will likely be a good fit for you.

A university graduate, Veronica is an elegant and well put together lady and is an often requested for escort by many clients who want a lady who can hold a great conversation - be it for social or business topics. With a girl like Veronica next to you in Singapore, you will be wanting to show her off to your acquaintances. There is no need to feel embarrassed even if others see you with Veronica, because she is such a cultured lady.

Additionally, with Veronica's classy and sexy vibes, she is surely an enchanting woman who will capture your attention and stay in your memory for long. As if that were not enough, Veronica is also eloquent and a great conversationalist, hence clients find it very easy to converse with her. A well dressed office lady in Singapore, Veronica is one of the highly sought after escorts in Singapore.

If you are still on the fence about Veronica, just keep in mind this - 100% of the people who have met Veronica before have left excellent reviews for her. So what are you waiting for? Make a booking for Veronica today!

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WhatsApp (secure hotline): +65 8823 5723
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1 hour only1250
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Rejection Fee100
After Midnight Surcharge50