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Jelissa Photo

Age: 29

Height: 158cm

Weight: 46kg

Nationality: Singaporean

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Spoken languages: English

Why book Jelisa:

A very friendly escort, Jelisa is most certainly well liked. Petite in height, slim and fit, Jelisa has certainly got a feminine and attractive figure. If you prefer a more petite (in terms of height) and fit escort, Jelisa needs to be on your consideration list. Jelisa also has a very pleasant looking appearance, which makes her deeply endearing to many customers in Singapore. The best part of all? Jelisa's personality is as sweet and feminine as her looks suggest, making her a truly complete package and she will be a wonderful companion for you. Jelisa also keeps herself in great shape and looks sexy and fit. You will definitely find her very pleasing to the eye. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +65 8823 5723 (WhatsApp message) for more pictures of Jelisa.)

If you would like to meet Jelisa and have her be your escort, do note that Jelisa is available to meet on weekdays after 5pm (approximately 530pm onward). If you would like to meet during the day time between 12noon to 5pm with Jelisa, make sure to give more advance notice so she can try to arrange for it. When it comes to weekends, Jelisa's schedule is generally more flexible. Although Jelisa has a relatively flexible timetable in Singapore, you are still urged to contact us with earlier notice so that it is likelier Jelisa will be available to meet you.

Booking Enquiries for Jelisa:

WhatsApp (secure hotline): +65 8823 5723
(Your privacy and confidentiality is assured.)

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Premium Packages:
1 hour only - 1100
2 hours only - 2200
3 hours only - 3300

24 hours - 5000
48 hours - 8000
Special events (e.g. public events up to 4 hours) - 10000

Rejection Fee - 100
After Midnight Surcharge - 50