Are you considering a career or a part time job with us?

Working with us as one of our escorts is a great way to meet many highly successful men and go to special occasions. Here are some of the main benefits if you’re considering to take on this job and career:

  • Flexible working hours
  • High income
  • Enjoyable work experience
  • Can be a way to fund your further studies
  • Go out with highly attractive and successful men
  • Act as a high supplementary source of income if you’re attractive (for a general idea, go here for potential earning estimates)
  • NO joining fees (you’re NEVER required to pay anything to join our company if you’re shortlisted and selected to be our model)
  • 100% full privacy guaranteed
  • Everything, including your descriptions & photos to be displayed on the website will be fully discussed and mutually agreed with you before placing it on the website

We are a highly conservative country and we understand that working as a service provider, your privacy is extremely important. At our legally incorporated agency, we will always protect the privacy and 100% fully respect the wishes of our models.

We are currently recruiting new models. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to apply to be one. Kindly note the following (do note due to increased number of applicants, we have increased the requirement standards):

– Singaporean/PR only
– Females 18yr – 28yr
– Prior experience preferred
– Good at entertaining male clientele (mostly aged 28 to 50)
– Diploma education or higher preferred
– Slim build
– All ethnicities
– Reply and travel to appointments fast
– Only apply if you actually have GOOD availability. If you are busy 24/7, pls do not bother to apply. We cannot get any jobs for you.

Interested? Contact us today with the following details when applying for a job with us:
– Age
– Height / weight
– Race
– 2-3 Recent face and full body pictures
– Do you have prior experience?
– How did you hear about this industry? / Why do you want to join us?

Your application will be kept in the strictest confidence.

So apply to join us today!
WhatsApp: +65 8823 5723
(Your privacy and confidentiality is assured.)

We will acknowledge your application & shortlist you for an interview for suitable candidates within 1-2 days of your application.

(Legal disclaimer: Please note, when you sign up with us, you are strictly NOT required and will NEVER be asked to provide any kind of sexual services whatsoever under ALL circumstances. You are strictly only required to accompany clients to events and/or going on date(s). The company (trading under ‘SGVIP Services Pte. Ltd.’) will never charge nor benefit nor sell sexual services whatsoever to all of our clients under all circumstances.