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Age: 26

Height: 163.6cm

Weight: 51.5kg

Nationality: Singaporean

Ethnicity: Chinese mixed Mongolian

Spoken languages: English, Mandarin

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Letisha is certainly a super sexy Mongolian escort you would wish to meet. Both foreign expats and local men in Singapore in her regular life have always clamored for her attention, and now you can. Curvy and exotic, Letisha is the stuff of dreams. Escorts such as Letisha are surely hard to come by in Singapore or otherwise, and while you have the opportunity to meet her in Singapore, you definitely should. Pretty and with an elegant aura, meeting Letisha will be an experience in Singapore you will never forget, and a decision you will thank yourself for making today.

It is not often that you can find a mixed Mongolian lady who is toned but as curvy as Letisha in Singapore. In addition to that, Letisha also has rather unique good looks due to her mixed ethnicity which comes partly from Mongolia. If you love escorts like that, you have to make an appointment to meet Letisha right away. Pick up your phone and send us a message this instant to book Letisha.

With respect to Letisha's personality, she is engaging and sweet. You will find that the hours you spend with Letisha will appear to pass by quickly because she is a very interesting woman and you will also be having an exciting time with her. If you want an escort like Letisha to accompany you, then text us now to make a booking for her today.

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24 hours - 5000
48 hours - 8000
Special events (e.g. public events up to 4 hours) - 10000

Rejection Fee - 100
After Midnight Surcharge - 50