How Long Would The Escort Take To Arrive To Your Location?

After you have made an appointment with a Singapore escort girl from our agency, you will probably be really excited about what time the lady will arrive at your location or the meeting point! Here is some general advice on that so you can better know what to expect.

The quicker you reply us, the faster the escort will reach you

First of all, one of the things to have the lady arrive quicker is to have us process your first time client verification quicker. This is basically a simple process for all first time clients. We already explained in in the other post, so make sure to check it out! The quicker you are, the quicker the escort will arrive!


Average travelling time to reach you can take between 30 minutes to one hour and 30 minutes

Second of all, while Singapore is a very small city, one thing about the roads is that it is extremely congested. You probably know that travelling by car will take much longer if the roads are jammed. And with the extreme amounts of traffic lights in the city, it takes far longer to travel the same distance here than most other countries. Also, while the public transport is efficient in the sense that you can reach almost every part of the city via public transport, it is not that efficient in terms of transporting people quickly to their destination. There are lots of transfers by MRT required sometimes, and also, buses get affected heavily by road conditions. Therefore, despite its small size, traveling can take anywhere between 30 minutes to one and a half hours.

Peak hour bookings may require a longer travelling time by the lady

Third of all, it depends whether it is during peak hours. During peak hours of traffic, road conditions slow to a crawl. If you have ever moved around during peak hour, for instance during 5pm to 730pm, you will know how slow traffic can potentially be. Of course, this also depends on the location, and as much as possible, our models will have already taken this into consideration when we get back to you with the estimated time of arrival. Regardless, we believe in accountability and we will keep you updated whether or not there are unexpected traffic conditions. Sometimes, the escorts overestimate their travelling time and end up early too! This happens sometimes.

If the escort you had chosen happens to be already out and about near your meeting point with full make up and dressed presentably, then she will arrive far quicker. In the event that you happened to pick a lady who is far away from the meeting point, or does not have make up on yet and is not yet dressed in a suitable outfit yet, she will take some time to make up and dress up.

In conclusion and summary, on average, she will take around anywhere between 30 to 120 minutes to arrive. Of course, if you pick to only meet at a particular time, then this is a non-concern.