Couples Escort, Group, Threesome

While it is not a very common enquiry we receive, we still get requests from time to time from potential clients asking for couples escort, threesome, swinger or even groups. In summary, our female Singapore escorts only meet customers on a one-to-one basis. If you want to find out the reasoning behind this, make sure to read on.

There are mainly three different groups of people who ask us for such requests.

Couples who request for a threesome with a couple escort

The first group of people is a couple. It is either a husband or a wife who contacts us, requesting to meet with a couple escort who is willing and able to engage in a sexual threesome with them. We understand why you are asking though. This is probably because it is unlikely you will find any random woman off the street to join you for a threesome.

Additionally, such enquiries usually come from Europeans who may have met a sex worker in Europe who is legally able to and willing to join the couple for a threesome.

However, due to the strict laws in Singapore with respect to prostitution, we would have to decline all such requests.

People who want escorts for group activities at a party

Some people contact us requesting for several women to meet them at a location such as a yacht party or something like that. Yes, this is a request that pretty much can be arranged for. However, due to Singapore’s conservative culture, many people even see our entire industry as taboo. Because of that, many ladies who choose to work with us prefer keeping their work as a secret. Therefore, they would not be comfortable if they had to meet more than one customer at each instance. They are however perfectly fine with one-to-one bookings.

If you are here in Singapore with a friend or business acquaintance and both of you would like to book an escort, we will be more than happy to arrange for that individually. Both you and your friend or acquaintance can WhatsApp us separately and we will process your bookings separately.

People who ask for sexual group activities

As explained above, Singapore has strict laws on prostitution. We do not arrange for things like orgies or whatnot. As a result of that, we would instantly and politely decline all such requests. We hope you can understand.


Therefore, if you really wish to look for someone who can cater to couples, threesome, swinger or group activities, the only real way to do so, and in a legal manner, is to do so in another country outside of Singapore. Sorry about that people. We just wanted to clear up this matter.