What Are The Etiquette Rules When It Comes To Escorts?

If you have met escorts before, then you probably already know what to expect. But if you are a first time or new customer, here are some general etiquette rules in Singapore.

Arrange for meetings with advance notice

First of all, most local female Singapore escorts are actually full time working adults or university students and hence will require some preparation and travelling time to you. We strictly work with and represent locals. As a result of that, they need some lead time to reach you. Thus, to be able to meet the one you want, it is always recommended to book several hours in advance on the same day, or 1 day in advance. This is because they will need some time to make up, dress up and travel to your location.

Understand photographs sent are final

Second of all, you may find that escorts are more privacy conscious in our country than in other countries or cities. This is because of the conservative nature of the local culture as well as how Singapore is a really small island with a small population. Because of that, many people know each other. To prevent accidental awkwardness if they get recognized, the girls’ photographs are verified by us but partially censored to protect their privacy. We hope that you will respect that the pictures shown are final.

Respect the ladies’ privacy

Third of all, the girls who work with us do so because they wish to retain higher levels of privacy than independents. Therefore, do understand that any bookings you wish to make with them needs to be done through our agency.

Pass the cash at the start

Fourth of all, to prevent any kind of misunderstandings, it is important to hand over the cash to her upfront. Once you have met the escort, it is important to pass her the full sum at the start. Service will only proceed after that. It will be good if clients take the initiative and pass the lady the respective amount at the beginning, so that the lady need not feel awkward asking you for it.

Avoid asking personal questions

Fifth of all, avoid asking personal questions. Just like most clients do not like to be overly-probed, it is important to understand that this preference goes both ways.

Do not get drunk

Last but not least, do not get drunk before or during the appointment. If you know you tend to get drunk easily, do not drink any alcohol at all. It is not the most pleasant experience for everyone if clients get drunk, as some customers start talking nonsense, and the escort may not be comfortable to meet you again in future even if you wish to meet her.