Comparing Meeting Escorts Via Agencies Vs Independents

If you are a potential customer and want a pretty lady to accompany you, there are lots of advantages that you will get if you were to look for a companion via an escort agency in Singapore versus that of freelance websites. Here are the reasons why.

Independent escorts’ photos tend to be faked, those belonging to agencies tend to be real

Freelance websites sometimes come in the form of classified ad websites with a personals or dating section on them. These independent escorts will then be posting their details as advertisements on classified ad sites. Due to the user-generated nature of these websites, this means that while there could be a tiny handful of real profiles, most of the posts would be junk and generated by spammers. On top of that, because there is zero vetting of the content of those ads, many clients who use those services found out the hard way that the girls look absolutely nothing like their posted photos. But because these sites could just blame the inaccuracy on the user who posted, they have no incentives at all to ensure the accuracy of the photos posted. On the other hand, a trustworthy agent’s entire reputation will lie on their listed profiles being accurate. As a result of that, these companies in Singapore have strong incentives to ensure that all pictures published would be accurate and real, and that the woman you book is the exact one you will meet.

Most independents are foreigners, while those working with agents tend to be locals

Many independent escorts who try to work in our country are actually not locals. This means that these women are working in Singapore on a tourist visa, which makes them working here illegal. History has proven that many of these women would eventually be caught by the local authorities, as their tourist visas do not actually allow them to work as escorts. If you happen to be with one of these ladies while the police carries out a sting operation, you will be in deep trouble, or at the very least, in a very embarrassing situation. On the other hand, most reputable organizations such as ourselves seek to represent only locals. This means that all the women who choose to partner with us are doing so legally, hence you would have no need to worry about unnecessary embarrassing situations if you were to make bookings through us.

There is no age and other verification for independents, while those with agents tend to be verified

Because there is zero vetting by independent escort sites on the Internet, there are cases of underaged girls posting their profiles. In case you do not know the potential implications and ramifications of using services by the underaged, it is a very serious problem, and one you certainly do not want to even try. Since the risk is high on websites where there is no manual verification done for the women, if you want to avoid trouble, avoid using that kind of sites. On the flip side, any agent that wants to be in business for the long term and keep their reputation would do very strict age verification and more for the ladies who work with them. When you engage the services from such providers in Singapore, you can rest assured that it will be okay for you to do so.