How To Text An Escort – Dos and Don’ts

Wondering how to text an escort so that you get a fast and favorable response? Here are 5 tips on how to properly message or talk to one.

Go straight to the point

In your text or message, make sure to go straight to the point whether you are messaging an escort or an agency. These girls or companies receive all kinds of weird texts throughout the day, evening and night from people. Do not send sleazy stuff like “hey gorgeous, how is your day like sweetie?” If you want to set yourself apart as a legitimate client who is there to book, then text them a message with the following details (or more if they ask you to do so):

  • How you found them
  • Your name
  • Where you would like to meet the escort at
  • What time you would like to meet at (if possible)
  • If you are contacting an agency, then make sure to shortlist a few (not just one) models, and be open to suggestions (if the one(s) you want are available)

Be decisive

There is no such thing as a “window shopping” when it comes to an escort. You only contact a provider when you are ready to book. It is okay if you want slightly more information before you make a booking. But, it is not okay if you are just there to shop around for photos. If you want to do that, you can just do a Google search for what you are looking for.

The locals in places such as Singapore typically have a day job at an office or are full time college students. This means that they may start ignoring you if you appear to be a time waster. Decide that you wish to book first. Then when you contact them, be willing to arrange your timing somewhat so that your schedules match and you can meet. You will get responses very fast that way if you text or message in this decisive manner.

Appear professional in your texts or messages

Do type like an adult man, and do not type so many emoticons or emojis within the text. If you send too much of those, the lady may even think you are a teenager prankster who is out to waste her time. Therefore, text in short but formal sounding sentences, and you will be sure that the girl will not only respond to your message, but she will also do so quickly.

Only talk about necessary details if you were to talk over the phone

Keep in mind that most call girls only respond to you via WhatsApp these days. However, if you were to talk to one of them over the phone, only talk to the escort about necessary details such as whatever you need to know how to meet her, and vice versa. Do not chit chat or banter over the phone before you even engage her services – that is what she is paid for, as she is essentially a paid companion. She will respect you that way, and treat you even better during the actual appointment.

Do not negotiate prices

Most women list the lowest possible price they are willing to accept on websites. The worst thing you can do is to message them and ask for a discount over text. They will immediately put you on the lowest priority and sometimes even outright ignore you. Do not negotiate prices. Either accept it or book others.