How To Tell If An Escort Is A Sting?

Wondering how to tell if an escort is police or cop and conducting a sting? Identifying whether an escort is part of a police sting operation can be challenging, as law enforcers conducting these operations aim to maintain discretion and catch individuals engaged in illegal activities. In this case, it is usually to catch people who solicit prostitution.

Here are some general precautions you can take to minimize the risk of encountering a sting.

Use reputable escort websites

Look for escorts through established and reputable sources, such as well-known escort websites, agencies, or directories. Be cautious of suspicious or unverified listings.

For example, if you are looking for service in Singapore, then use a reputable and media renowned agency such as ours. We manually verify each of our female escorts in Singapore.

Avoid solicitation

Be cautious about initiating discussions or agreements that could be interpreted as solicitation for prostitution, which is often illegal in many jurisdictions. If the girl you met is truly a police or a cop, they will be waiting for you to do this. Thus, do not solicit or ask for “explicit” services.

Research local laws:

Before seeking the services of an escort, it is crucial to understand the legal status of sex work in your area. If it is illegal or heavily regulated, you should exercise extreme caution. For instance, full service escorts are allowed in some countries, but not in every part of the world.


When contacting an escort, engage in open and respectful communication. Be clear about your expectations and inquire about rates without using explicit or illegal language. This is as much as about staying on the safe side of the law as it is about being polite.

Do research before you book

Make sure to do your own research about the site you are going to use before using them. These days, it is very easy to check out reviews, mentions or recommendations for such sites. Also, if a particular website has literally no mention of them anywhere else on the Internet other than their own, it is probably a big red flag.

Also, use some common sense. If an escort site is located in a place like Singapore, but the country code of the number you are asked to contact is not +65 (which is its country code), then clearly that person is likely a foreign worker working illegally there or a scam.

Make sure the booking process is standard

Escorts will often ask you for some basic information about you, to ensure their safety as well as to ensure that you are a legitimate and real client.

If a girl asks for none of your information, it is more likely it is a sting by a police or cop.

Also, some call girls may ask you for a deposit before the meeting if you are a new client. This happens and is normal – but you just want to make sure that the account you are transferring into is a company account or sounds professional or corporate, otherwise it is likely a scam. Just do your due diligence like you would engaging services in any other industry.