Incall Vs Outcall Escorts – What Is The Difference?

“Incall” and “outcall” are terms used in the escort industry to describe where the girl and client meets. This is what they mean and the differences between them.

What is incall escort?

An incall escort is one who invites clients to their own location, typically a place they have arranged for this purpose. This location can be the escort’s private residence, a dedicated incall apartment or studio, or a licensed incall establishment. Clients visit the lady at her specified location for the agreed-upon services.

Considerations for incall

Not all countries have women who provide incall.

For example, in countries where escorts really are just a euphemism for prostitutes, and anything about prostitution is legal, then incall usually exists, and very often.

In other countries where such services are not legal, then incall usually does not exist.

What about outcall?

An outcall escort travels to the client’s location for the appointment. This can be a client’s home, hotel, or any other agreed-upon meeting place. Outcall is often more convenient for the client, as they do not need to go to a specific location. The lady travels to a location picked by the client, which can be beneficial for those seeking discretion or who are visiting from out of town.


Most escorts accept outcall, but keep in mind that most will reject seedy locations and will only accept safe and reputable locations. This means that budget areas of any kind will usually be rejected, due to the type of people who tend to frequent such areas.

Generally speaking, outcall costs more than incall because of the travelling time and costs for the woman, which she would want to be reimbursed for.

In a place such as Singapore, where escorts are for companionship only, then only outcall exists. For example, our Singapore escort girls are only able to cater to outcall bookings.

The choice between incall and outcall depends on the preferences of the escort and the client. It can also be influenced by local laws and regulations, as some places may have restrictions or licensing requirements for incall establishments.