Geylang666 – All About It And Should You Be Using It?

Geylang666 is definitely a name you read before if you attempted to search for call girls. However, should you really visit Geylang666 website and be a client?

What is Geylang666?

Geylang666 is supposed to be a site from which you can make bookings for their women to be your escorts. But in reality, if you scrutinized their website, you will soon realize it is in actuality a site in Singapore which promotes as well as solicits sexual services of prostitutes over the Internet. Escorts sell and give companionship, while prostitutes sell and give sexual services.


Majority of the prostitutes showcased and displayed on Geylang666 are from China, Vietnam and Thailand. The ladies are very possibly (though not necessarily) in Singapore on tourist visas or similar ones and working in an illegal manner.

Additionally, it is not allowed to solicit prostitution or sexual services in Singapore over a public media such as the Internet. That is the reason why sites like Geylang666 frequently become blacklisted and banned by MDA. Notice there is a random looking number behind their official URL. The number is an edit to Geylang666 original website URL in an attempt to move past the block and ban. Even though you can utilize a VPN to visit the original website, most of the customers or webpage visitors do not. Therefore, sites such as Geylang666 edit their URL to try to overcome this issue.

Should you use Geylang666 or similar websites?

If the women on Geylang666 are 18 years old of age and above, you may not necessarily get into big trouble.

The true problem is that there is a high possibility of police raids at the places they believe these ladies are located at. These raids happen because these women illegally solicit prostitution. It is also likely that they are also working illegally in Singapore under invalid visas. If you find yourself to be with one of the women from sites like Geylang666 during a police sting or raid, you will likely be very embarrassed because of the high potential of such news being published on major news networks as well. Do note Geylang666 is not the only site like this.  If you use webpages like Sgbeautycastle or other similar websites like 4ni52, you will also be meeting similar consequences.

Where should you go instead if you actually want to meet escorts?

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