4ni52 – All About It And Should You Use Their Website?

4ni52 must be a name you would have read before if you attempted to look for call girls. However, should you actually use 4ni52 as a client? Here is a deeper look.

What is 4ni52?

4ni52 is a website where you may supposedly meet escorts. 4ni52 is also known by the following names: isyou, 4ni52.com, or 4ni52是您网.

4ni52 was started a long time ago with only a few ladies. After similar sites in the past was shutdown, 4ni52 got a chance to have more escorts and flourish.

But, if you were to scrutinize their site, you will figure out it is a website in Singapore which is actually soliciting and promoting the sexual services of prostitutes online. Escorts sell companionship and their time, while prostitutes sell sexual services.


Most of the prostitutes you see on 4ni52 are from China, Thailand and Vietnam. These women are usually in Singapore on a a tourist or student visa, and working here illegally.

On top of that, soliciting prostitution or sexual services in public or over a public media like the Internet is prohibited in Singapore. That is precisely why webpages like 4ni52 frequently get blacklisted and banned by MDA. You will realize there is often a number behind their official URL. The edits made to 4ni52 original website URL is to try to get around the ban. Even though you can utilize a VPN to visit the original website, majority of the website users and customers do not. Therefore, a website such as 4ni52 edits their URL in a bid to get around this blocking.

Should you use 4ni52 or other similar websites?

If those listed on 4ni52 are 18 years old of age and above, you may not get into too much hassles.

The true problem actually comes from the high potential of police raids at the places where they believe these ladies are at. That is because they are likely doing solicitation of prostitution illegally in Singapore. Also, these women are usually working under invalid visas illegally. These means if you are with one of the girls from a website like 4ni52 during a sting or police raid, you will become embarrassed due to high chances of such news reaching mainstream media too. We strongly recommend you to not use 4ni52 and similar websites such as Sglonelyguy or perhaps even sites like Geylang666 as well. To avoid unnecessary problems with the law and personal embarrassment, avoid such websites and the women who advertise on them.

Where should you go instead if you want real escorts?

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