Sglonelyguy – All About It And Should You Use It?

Sglonelyguy is definitely a name that you must have read before if you tried to look for call girls. But should you actually use Sglonelyguy as a customer? Here is an honest look at them.

What is Sglonelyguy?

Sglonelyguy is supposedly a site where you can book girls as your escort. But, if you were to take a closer look, you will realize it is actually a webpage in Singapore that promotes and solicits the sexual services of prostitutes online. Escorts sell their time and companionship, while prostitutes sell their sexual services.


Most of the prostitutes advertised on Sglonelyguy are from China, Thailand and Vietnam. They are likely here (though not always) on tourist visas and such similar visas and working in Singapore illegally.

Additionally, the solicitation of prostitution or sexual services in public or over public media such as the Internet is banned in Singapore. That is why sites such as Sglonelyguy often get tracked and banned by MDA, and you will notice that there is usually a number behind their official URL. The addition of the number and alteration to Sglonelyguy original URL is to attempt to get around the blacklist and block. While you can use a VPN to access the original, majority of customers or web users do not so sites like Sglonelyguy alter their URL slightly to try to get around this issue.

Should you use Sglonelyguy or similar sites?

If the women on Sglonelyguy are aged 18 and above, you might not get into too much of an issue.

The real issue comes from the high possibility of the police raiding locations where they believe these girls are at, because they are soliciting prostitution illegally and working illegally in Singapore under invalid visas. This means that if you find yourself to be with one of the women from sites like Sglonelyguy during a raid or police sting, you will likely be very embarrassed, and due to the likelihood of such news reaching major news articles or media too. Keep in mind that Sglonelyguy is not the only site like this, if you used websites such as Impmm, you will face similar situations too.

Where should you go if you want real escorts?

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