Why We Specialize Only In Singaporean Models

Most similar companies provide a range of women of potentially different nationalities, however, our company only specializes in Singaporean escorts. If they are a permanent resident in the city for many years, and preferably since birth, then we bring them on too. There are several reasons why we do this, other than them simply being the best. Here they are.

We believe a good escort should not just be pretty, but also classy and the locals are as such

We believe that an escort should be more than just a pretty face and with good figure. It is important that they are well dressed, classy and sexy at the same time. There is just something very attractive to our clients about women who are sexy but not slutty, classy but not conservative. This is a unique combination that only local ladies have, and thus we work hard to bring on these women for you.flag 2

Locals are able to converse fluently in English with clients

Singaporeans are usually bilingual or more! Due to the country being a multi racial one, many of the women locally are able to speak and understand several different languages, including the popular ones like English and Mandarin. This means that regardless of what language you as a client speaks, which usually includes English, our women are able to converse with you fluently. Additionally, English is used as the national language in the country, and the locals learn that very well.

We understand that communication is important, and so we bring on those who can speak it well so that you need not feel awkward when talking with our models, nor feel embarrassed if they speak with others around you.

Only locals can work here legally, so we only partner them

We do not want unnecessary problems for our clients.

Keep in mind that when it comes to our industry, Singapore does not issue work permits nor VISAs for foreigners. This means that technically every foreigner working here as one is actually violating local laws. To prevent unnecessary and clearly avoidable problems for our clients, we simply do not work with foreigners, because if the women gets apprehended for violating local manpower regulations, the clients can potentially get implicated if they happen to be at the scene of arrest.

To keep everything great and awesome for our clients, we work hard to only hire locals, so that you can enjoy your experience in the city in peace. That is also why it is so important for you to only book through a registered company, for peace of mind and legal reasons if you are in Singapore.

Most of the women here are highly educated

Most of our clients are highly educated, whether it be through formal education or self made. While bimbos may be nice and pleasant on the eyes, they are not that fun to communicate and talk to, and for the sophisticated men, they can be quite a turn off. Thankfully, the women here, and especially those that we bring on as our escorts, are eloquent, and are educated individuals who are able to engage in interesting conversations with self made men of success like yourself.

We simply think they are the most beautiful women

We simply believe that they are just the most beautiful. While beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, our clients also seem to reaffirm the belief that they like a good local lady. As such, we work even harder to do continue bringing in more and more pretty Singaporean women.