Different Types Of Escorts You Can Find

If you are looking for a Singapore escort lady, you may be interested in the types that you can find! Here are some of the different types of women you can potentially look for locally. If you are living here for a while, or even a citizen, you may already be well aware of these. However, if you are a foreigner or a business visitor to Singapore, then you may most definitely find this an interesting read!

office woman
Office lady look

There is the office lady

There is the office lady. By far one of the most popular types of women sought after by all clients, the office lady type is basically a woman who usually has a day time office job, as a white collared professional in Singapore. Some could be an administrative staff, while others could also be working a day time position like an accountant! These women are generally available after 6pm only on weekdays, and are available on weekends.

There are tertiary education students working as escorts too

There is the University or Diploma course student in Singapore! This is also a popular choice among clients. Want to meet young yet smart and educated women? Then this is also another potential option that you can have. This group of ladies are generally available from the middle afternoon onward till late night, but their availability can vary drastically from week to week due to their schedules as students. Therefore, if you are interested in this group, definitely consider placing a prior deposit to book in advance.

Ah lians or bimbos do exist too

You will also be able to find ah lian type of escorts. Although we do not bring in ah lians, an ah lian basically refer to a bimbotic lady, who is usually well dressed as well with heavy make up most of the times, but may sometimes be a little less educated and potentially uncouth. Lots of body piercings and tattoos may be common among this group of women too.

girl next door
Girl next door look

The relatable girl-next-door

This type of look or vibes is also a popular choice among clients. While this group is not mutually exclusive with the above mentioned segments, this is essentially the lady who dresses and looks just like she could very well be your neighbour. She has a very friendly and sociable demeanour, and feels very relatable.

The classy and elegant lady

The classy woman. Once again, this group of women is actually not mutually exclusive from the above mentioned groups, perhaps other than the ah lian type. Some client’s idea of classy is that of a perfectly put together lady with killer heels, hot dress and very eloquent when it comes to speaking.

Women who also happen to be working as or worked as SIA cabin crew before

Another popular idea of that will also be the SQ stewardess. For foreigners or those who are not sure what this means, this refers to air stewardesses working with SIA airlines who moonlight as an escort. This used to be a hot choice among many clients a year plus ago, but has slowly declined in popularity. A reason people think SQ stewardesses are classy is because of the standards already set in place by SIA airlines when it comes to hiring their staff, and therefore, they assume that those who used to or are working as one are so.

Regardless of the type of women you prefer to find with us as mentioned above, the wide variety of local women above which are also highly popular among clients is a big reason why we only specialize in local models.