What Kind Of Locations Can You Meet An Escort At?

If you are looking to meet a Singapore escort, where could you set the appointments at? While clients are the ones who decide where exactly to meet, here are some tips for those who are worried because they have not engaged such services before.

No budget locations

First of all, we do not accept any kind of budget locations. This means that if you happen to be staying at a budget location, or would like to meet at a budget food place like a hawker, we will likely reject the enquiry. Just like you would not put diesel into your super car, we hope you understand that this is a luxury service and is meant for a pleasant experience for both you and the girl. Therefore, any meeting points that is considered budget is generally rejected and not accepted.

Bars or restaurants are good

Second of all, if you love to drink, and would like someone who can drink along with you as well, you could meet at a local bar or a nice discreet restaurant! Thankfully for most, there are lots of bars situated across the entire island of Singapore, most of which are open till relatively late as well. Therefore, whether you are a local who wants to chill out with one of our women at night or are a foreigner looking for a companion, you will have no lack of choices. luxury lobby

You can meet the lady at your hotel area too

Third of all, if you are a foreigner and would like to meet at your hotel area, that is alright. But, just a kind note that some hotels require some form of card key to access the lifts. In such a situation, if that is required, there are usually two ways in which we can go about arranging and settling your appointment. The model could either meet you at the lobby, or to contact concierge to ask for permission to access your unit. In such a situation, both alternatives are alright, and you simply need to let us know your preference and indicate it to us.

Subject to our standard terms, there is no hard and fast rule to the places you can meet

Finally, there is no hard and fast rule as to where you can meet the girl in Singapore, as long as it is subject to our terms and conditions and that the model is able to reach the stated and chosen meeting point at the requested for timing. Do note that if you would like to meet at an outskirt location, chances are most escorts will take a longer travelling time to reach your location. Therefore, please be reasonable when it comes to expectations as well.

Additionally, during peak traffic hours or in inclement weather conditions, traffic may slow to a crawl, and while she will take into consideration those factors, sometimes the jam can be unexpectedly long. In such situations, do be reasonable when it comes to the meeting time for the appointment location.

Before you make an appointment with us, make sure to pass us your details quickly so that we can process your details and arrange for the meeting quicker, so that even if you want to meet at more outskirt areas in Singapore or during peak traffic hours, it will still be possible for the model to arrive punctually for the appointment!