How Singapore’s Culture Helps Customers Keep Their Privacy

Privacy is a big concern for many of our customers meeting a Singaporean escort girl in Singapore. Thankfully for you, Singapore has a really conservative culture throughout the country, and as a customer in our city, that will actually work just in your favour to help protect your privacy. The following are the reasons why that will likely be the case for you.

First of all, those who work as an escort here have a life outside of their work similar to their customers, and so they can understand and will respect the customers’ desires for privacy as well. Almost all of the girls who work with our company are either full time office ladies or students studying at a tertiary school here. In fact, we may even go so far to say that virtually all of the genuine Singaporean women who work as a call girl do not do it full time. Just like our customers, they usually have other full time day office jobs as well. As a result, they are also usually very concerned about their own privacy, and do not want their work here to spill over into any part of their personal lives. As such, the women are in full understanding of the customer’s needs and demands when it comes to that area too. Because they are in the same shoes, they are able to easily understand and respect your preferences as well.

Second of all, escort work is seen by many as somewhat taboo in the country and hence the girls usually actually do not even tell their close friends nor any relatives about them working as one. In fact, when it comes to genuine local women, virtually 100% of them do not tell anyone about them working as one at all, ever. Therefore, in our city, there is virtually zero chance of the models you meet ever telling anyone anything about your appointment with her, because none of them have any intention of doing that whatsoever, even in future. We understand it may not necessarily be the same situation in certain more liberal parts of the world such as Europe, where they may even gossip about it! Such horror stories can be simply avoided in SG when it comes to the local women.

Therefore, even though the country’s conservative culture means that full face photos are not revealed here, it is most definitely still a boon for the customer on the whole!