How Escorts Are Used And Seen As A Status Symbol

Many clients do not just see dating SG escorts as purely for the purpose of companionship, but they also see being able to date these girls as a form of status symbol. Here are the ways in which they are used and why they are seen as a status symbol in Singapore.

First of all, let us first define what is a status symbol. According to dictionary definitions, it is a perceived visible and external denotation of one’s social position, economic or social status. When it comes to escorts, they certainly do not come cheap in Singapore, and every one knows that. This is especially the case when it comes to genuine locals in Singapore as well as hot and young ones in their 20s. Therefore, anyone who could afford to hire one is seen as relatively wealthy by the general public society. As a result of this, our type of services or women are hence seen as a symbol of the customers’ standing in society. In fact, this is also one of the reasons why we think you should not feel embarrassed looking for one!

Second of all, have you ever seen business events where some guys turn up to the event with a hot girl by his side? Sometimes, some of these women are actually just their pretend girlfriends or wives – in other words, a paid female companion! While many customers actually just hire one as a companion, some of them definitely hire them for this purpose of turning up to an event with a hot lady by their side. And since Singapore happens to attracts lots of rich businessmen, there is a high demand for our services. That is one of the ways that they are being used as one.

To many men, having a beautiful woman by your side and on your arms is seen as a form of compliment! In fact, some even compare it to pulling up to a hotel lobby in a hot sports car! It just gives most men a nice feeling, and a proud feeling. Additionally, ‘face’ is seen as something very important in Asia, and definitely in Singapore too. As a result, many men just like being with a pretty girl, whether or not they are seen by others. And if they are seen, men definitely want to be seen with a hot woman.