An Evolutionary Perspective Into Why Men Find Escorts

If you ever wondered why men look for a website like ours, then here is an interesting explanation from an evolutionary and psychological standpoint.evolutionary

First of all, men seek beauty. Now, how that beauty is defined can be subjective, however, men are always attracted to beautiful women. From an evolutionary standpoint, men are predisposed to look for women who exhibit fertile physical traits, such as being fit and curvy and with nice features. This happens due to an evolutionary and biological need to create a family and find a suitable partner for child bearing. However, even in modern day society in Singapore, these past biological and evolutionary preferences are still stuck in our subconscious and genes, and thus men still consciously or subconsciously look for such beauty traits in women in this day and age. For men who want to easily get the companionship of a beautiful woman, they can find escorts, as that is the easiest way to do so albeit temporarily. As a result of men wanting and desiring beautiful girls, some of them pay for female companions! Some of them even do this to show them off as a status symbol!

Second of all, men seek and value youth in women. Similar to the above point, men are genetically predisposed to look for younger women, and women of the ages 20 to 30 are particularly popular among men, and that is also the case for Singaporean guys. However, most of these men in their late 30s and 40s may struggle with picking up girls in the local pick up scene – both online on mobile applications as well as offline at bars or clubs because it can be taboo to the younger local girls to be seen with a man so much older. So in exchange, these men exchange their financial prowess – cash, for the time and companionship of these young ladies. And the most fuss-free way to do that? Escorts!

Finally, from an evolutionary standpoint, men are genetically programmed to look for and find as many suitable women as possible for child bearing, to reduce the risk of their off springs dying in the cave man days. While that is no longer the case in reality in modern society due to changes in societal norms, and having multiple wives definitely outlawed in our country, it is still inbuilt into men’s subconscious and genetics over thousands of years whether or not they realize it. This happens even for casual dating, and not necessarily raising a family. However, since most ladies would not date a guy if they knew he was going to date around casually, these men simply look for an escort instead if they are not serious about settling down yet. This is because the girl they engage will simply be a service provider.