Why Advance Bookings Are Recommended In Singapore

Making an advance booking with us even on the same day is always recommended for our customers booking our SG escorts in Singapore, and here are the reasons why that is so.

First and foremost, the girls and service providers in SG do not actually work on a full time basis. This means that virtually all of the genuine local women are either full time office ladies or students at a local tertiary school. As a result, if customers want to only meet a particular lady, it can be tough to arrange for a suitable time and schedule unless you happen to be lucky and the escort you choose happen to be available at the exact time you asked for her.

advance schedule small

As a result of the above, the models who are also working as office ladies for their day job are usually only available in the weekday evenings after 6pm and weekends. Those who are still full time students at a local school will generally be available in the middle afternoons from 3pm onward till late night, though their availability can be truly random due to school projects and homework.

Second of all, we only operate on an out call basis. There is no in call when it comes to our company. Therefore, if a customer tried to make a last minute booking during traffic peak hours, travelling time may be significantly more than normal. While Singapore is a small city, it can be incredibly congested along certain roads, and especially during peak traffic hours. As long as a person has lived in a crowded city before, you will understand why sometimes travelling time can take so long here. You can also try to speed up the travelling time for the girl by getting ready the information we need to process each date beforehand. Whether you are an existing customer or a first time customer to our agency, here are the types of booking details required each time you make a new booking, so make sure to check it out! Either that, or you can make an earlier booking by contacting us earlier in the day for an evening or night date. You need not contact us one or two days before, just simply an earlier timing on the same date for a later timing in the day, evening or night.

Therefore, once you have firmed up your own schedule, and made your decision, then contact us as early as possible on the same day for your desired escorts!