What Kind Of Payment Methods Do We Accept?

Some customers ask us about the ways in which they can pay when they book our Singapore escort girls. Here are the different ways in which you can process it.

Firstly, you could use cash. This is preferred by most customers, and you can pass it to the lady directly. Please make sure to bring the exact change, including the extra amount if you want more than a one hour date. The prices are according to the listings on the website. So make sure to prepare the amount in cash beforehand, so that you can pass it to the lady right after meeting her. The amount is to ideally be made in SGD. In the unlikely event that if you would like to pass partially or fully in another popular currency like the USD, make sure to inform our agent in advance. You are strongly recommended to change to our local currency first, as some ladies may charge a Forex surcharge if you were to pass her something else.

You may want to note that when it comes to advance bookings, a deposit will be required and it must be made using one of the following methods. You could also choose to pay in full using one of the following methods.

You can use credit card or debit card. In this day and age, there virtually is no difference between the two, and we can easily accept either of these payments via our online payment processor – Paypal. We will be sending you a secure, private and unique to you payment link to your email address, and you can then input your card details via the securely encrypted page. This is a well trusted method by many around the world.

Third of all, you can make a transfer to our corporate Paypal account as well. This is an option which is highly similar to that described for the credit and debit card option. If you prefer this method, make sure to inform our agent and he will advise you accordingly our Paypal email address.

Fourthly, you can also make a bank transfer. Bank transfer is a preferred option by locally based customers who may not necessarily have enough cash on hand.

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