How To Get Repeat Bookings With Our Escorts Easily & Quickly

If you are looking to make a repeat booking with our girls, then here are some important tips to help you process the booking faster, as well as being able to meet the same girl again.

Firstly, please understand that the girls are there with you as a companion as their job. At the end of the day, they are service providers, not someone you met off the club or streets in Singapore. Additionally, these ladies work at an agency because they want an extra layer of privacy. Our models may be uncomfortable if throughout the whole meeting, all you do is try to get their number or try to date them traditionally. So please respect their privacy, and treat them respectfully, and not be intrusive and try to get their details or social media, or the girl will very likely reject all future enquiries and bookings from you without exceptions.

Second of all, if you are an existing customer, and you are using a different number or mobile messaging application to contact us, make sure to let us know beforehand who you are with your details! We are unable to recognize new numbers, and we always attend to existing customers quicker, and provide more priority to existing clients. So make sure to let us know who you are along with the necessary repeat booking details if you have bought from us before in the past, and are using a new number or contact method, so that our agent can speed up the process for you each time.

Thirdly, be extremely decisive when it comes to making an appointment. Do not try to set up a meeting and then change timing or what not. If you are not sure of your schedule, then make sure to firm up your personal schedule before contacting. Many escorts and our agent may be turned off by indecisiveness, and blacklist you and/or put others at a far higher priority than you whenever it comes to replies. Set yourself up as a serious client and you will get top notch priority service every time and the lady will be more than happy to meet you each time too! Make sure you have decided on two to four girls you are keen on meeting, and decide properly on all of the other details such as the meeting point and time, so that our agent can get back to you with the girls’ availability as soon as possible. Once you have decided, stick to the meeting time and location.

Finally, prices are fixed. We publicly list all prices on our website, so that customers like you can look through the price list before contacting us to set up a date. It is always on the absolute best price basis. Therefore, do respect that prices are non-negotiable. This way, our agent and ladies will be glad to serve you again and again over time quickly and efficiently.