3 Little-Known Reasons Women Become Escorts

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A lot of people think that young girls become female escorts because they want to buy fancy handbags etc. or go on luxury vacations. While that is true, there are a lot of other reasons why women do so!

First of all, many models in Singapore are actually university graduates. The unfortunate truth is that while education quality is high, university fees are also very high locally! Even subsidised loans can be ridiculously expensive! Therefore, many students take on student loan debt, and a lucky few have their debt settled by their parents. The rest have to pay off their loans by themselves. This means that many young people and girls have to shoulder a lot of debt before even entering the workforce! With the workforce also being more competitive, it means that many girls would have big headaches about this student loan debt. Therefore, many girls take on such a career while they are in university to clear their debt easily. While studying, these models will be able to meet their clients and entertain their clientele during their off times in university. Attractive women who become models with agencies like ours can even potentially completely clear their debt before they even graduate university. This is a great option for beautiful, local girls and allows them to be able to breathe a sigh of relief without needing to pay ridiculous debt and interest rates on it.

Second of all, many women are becoming entrepreneurial these days. It is becoming commonplace that a woman becomes an entrepreneur or startup founder right after graduation. While skills like sales and creativity can be used to overcome some startup barriers, some form of money and capital is still required to fund the start of a business. This means that some capital is always required regardless of the type of business you start. Even if you are a genius at founding and running a business, registering a business/company and performing legal accounting work for the company still costs money. Therefore, many young and entrepreneurial girls turn to such jobs on the side to quickly make money, though many stay on for longer than they may have initially intended simply because of the stable income it can provide to them if they are attractive. No other job can pay a new graduate as well.

Third of all, not all of us come from rich families. Some of us come from poorer families, and these girls may want to provide for their aging parents or family. While it may sound nice and theoretically sound that any average graduate pay will be able to support a family, the truth is that you will literally need to eat only chicken rice and plain water every day and take only the public transport for years or decades before you even have some nest egg or financial safety net. If you need to support more than just yourself, a graduate pay is certainly not enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle locally due to the skyrocketing costs of living. What is the ultra straightforward answer to this perplexing problem? Becoming an escort model!

In a nutshell, escorting work is becoming a norm as a part time job in Singapore, and more girls are increasingly making the choice to be one. To those who laugh at girls who become one – remember that an escort working just 1 or 2 hours can already make more than if they had picked a part time job at places like fast food restaurants for a WEEK or more!