TTvip7 Singapore – Should Websites Like This Be Used By You?

If you have been looking for an escort girl in Singapore, you may have bumped into some sites like TTvip7 also known as TTvip. While some of them have been outlawed and blocked by MDA, there are still numerous other such sites. Let us take a deeper look into such websites like TTvip7.

First of all, while these websites come in the form of various different names and timing, you will notice that a vast majority of them looks exactly the same. For instance, TTvip7 is basically a listing site for foreign mainland China Chinese who are offering their services in Singapore.

Second of all, these websites like TTvip claim to be escort sites, however, are they really? While some not in the know think they are the same, they are not. Escorts are basically paid companions, and almost exclusively females only. They serve male clients as a paid girlfriend for the amount of hours that they are being paid for. Think back about that time you tried to swipe right on Tinder hoping the hot girl swipes right back to you? This is what you get if you dated one – it will be as though you swiped right to that hot girl and she swipes right back and meets you as soon as possible. On the other hand, women on sites like TTvip7 and many such other sites are basically prostitutes. Prostitutes are usually women who sell their sexual services for money. If you take a look into sites like TTvip, you quickly realize that the mainland Chinese foreigners on those sites are actually prostitutes.

Third of all, soliciting prostitution in public or over an online or public medium is illegal. Since the above mentioned site does exactly that over the Internet, they technically should not be allowed to operate.

To add on, the people advertising on such sites are often times working illegally in Singapore city under invalid passes like tourists pass or student passes, which do not allow them to work or earn a living under that pass. As a result, this is another reason why some of these sites are actually shut down by the police once the providers get caught.

Next of all, now that you understand more about it, how about you as a potential client? While you may not get into direct trouble, you may get into indirect implications such as being investigated if you are caught with the ladies in the middle of a police operation. Therefore, if you are a powerful business owner or a top executive, you definitely should avoid such sites, or your reputation may be marred permanently if you get into such unnecessary embarrassing situations!

Our verdict? Avoid sites like TTvip or TTvip7 or even uncontrolled classified places like Backpage SG if you want to avoid embarrassment, or it will follow the SGWolves shut down situation as well.