TTVIP – What Is It And Should You Use It?

TTVIP is a website you must have heard of before if you tried to look for call girls. But should you use TTVIP as a client? Here is an truthful look at them.

What is TTVIP?

TTVIP is allegedly a site where you can book some ladies as your escort. But, if you were to look closely, you will find out it is actually a website in Singapore which advertises as well as solicits sexual services of prostitutes online.

Escorts are basically paid companions who serve clients as a paid girlfriend for the amount of hours that they are being paid for. Prostitutes are basically women who provide and do sexual acts on their clients for payment in cash or equivalent.

If you look at sites like TTVIP, you will realize that the mainland Chinese foreigners on TTVIP are actually prostitutes because they sell and advertise their sexual services.


Soliciting prostitution in public – be it offline or online is illegal in Singapore. Since TTVIP does exactly that over the Internet, they technically are breaking the law.

Additionally, the women advertising TTVIP appear to be foreign workers, and are almost certainly not locals. Since there is no known work pass in Singapore allowing foreigners to work as prostitutes, they are likely working illegally in Singapore under invalid passes like tourists pass or student passes, which do not allow them to work.

In fact, the above are reasons why sites like TTVIP are usually shut down or blocked by IMDA.

Should you use TTVIP or similar sites?

Now that you understand more about TTVIP, should you use their site? While you may not get into direct trouble for using TTVIP, you may get into indirect implications such as being investigated if you are caught with the ladies in the middle of a police operation. Therefore, unless you want to get embarrassed, you definitely should avoid websites like TTVIP.

In fact, you should also avoid classified places like the old Backpage SG if you want to avoid embarrassment, or it will follow the SGWolves shut down situation as well.

Which websites should you use instead if you want escorts?

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